Business Law

Legal Support for Entrepreneurs and Innovators

Areas of Expertise

Startups and Entrepreneurs

You have an idea for a business. Now what? Thompson Law PC prides itself on an honest, no frills appraisal of your needs and uncommon accessibility. At an initial meeting, Thompson Law PC can help you select the most appropriate business entity to protect you from liability, create a strategy for bringing on investors and business partners, and alert you to regulatory issues you may otherwise miss. From there, Thompson Law PC can complete the registration process on your behalf, then draft your businesses foundational documents – like Partnership Agreements and Bylaws - to ensure that you start on a solid foundation.

Intellectual Property

Thompson Law PC also helps clients build and maintain an intellectual property portfolio of carefully drafted and professionally examined patent, trademark, and copyright applications. To deliver this service, Thompson Law PC cooperates with Nyman IP, a technology-forward law firm bridging the gap between innovation and protection. Founded by an electrical and computer engineer, Nyman IP leverages today’s technological advances to serve clients beyond the outdated, traditional legal model.

Our combined approach enables high-quality legal representation with exceptional access to information, all at prices more reasonable than possible using inefficient methods common with the legal industry today. In most cases, our prices for legal services use a competitive, fixed-rate flat fee model, not an hourly fee agreement that makes budget projection difficult for clients in the short and long term.

Full Service Support for Small Businesses

Thompson Law PC assists existing small businesses with contract drafting of all types – from non-compete agreements and nondisclosure agreements to contracts with suppliers and service providers. Thompson Law PC can also audit your existing contracts, agreements, and business practices and alert business owners to potential vulnerabilities.

Regulatory Compliance

Drawing on years of experience in government and practice in Administrative Law, Thompson Law PC can survey your operations for compliance with applicable state, federal, and local laws. This is particularly important for small businesses engaged in highly regulated industries - like healthcare – or for small businesses that seek to survey the regulatory landscape before investing in an innovative idea.