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Andrew Thompson Creates New Legal Technology Startup - Wins Grant Competition

Merging Tech and the Law for Positive Social Change

Startup Phonesis Technologies, founded by Andrew Thompson of Thompson Law, PC, is testing an app that aims to both lower eviction rates and save courts time and money.

 Phonesis Technologies is the product of two areas of expertise- court technology and hands on work with unrepresented litigants.

 Andrew runs the Housing Court Assistance Center, a free legal clinic that serves tenants facing eviction. This on-the-ground experience helps him understand eviction from the tenant’s perspective on a personal and an empirical level. The Center collects data by asking tenants to complete a survey before speaking with the Center’s staff. Andrew began collecting this data to better understand how unrepresented tenants interact with the court system, what issues and questions they have, and how they prefer to access information.

 At the same time, Andrew works as a court technology consultant for a high-volume statewide court. From this perspective he observed how court staff interact with unrepresented litigants from another angle and realized that helping unrepresented parties through providing basic information can increase court efficiency.

 With this perspective Andrew discovered that assisting parties in eviction cases could alleviate docket congestion, and to achieve this goal Andrew decided to build a mobile enabled application that provides users with basic information about dispossessory cases.

First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta’s Epiphany Initiative

The Epiphany program is a social entrepreneurship initiative of First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta (“FPC”) designed to serve as an incubator for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to address social challenges. Click HERE to learn more about the Epiphany Initiative.

The Epiphany process began in the fall of 2018 when more than 88 entrepreneurs submitted applications to participate. FPC narrowed the applications to 22 that proposed innovative business models to address areas of social concern. After a final pitch to a panel of judges, five grant recipients were selected to receive funding, as well as financial and business planning assistance from FPC.

Learn More about Phonesis Technologies

Phonesis Technologies is a technology company that specializes in saving court systems time and money by making the legal system more accessible for unrepresented litigants. Phonesis was founded in August of 2018 by Andrew Thompson of Thompson Law, PC. To learn more, visit



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