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Andrew Thompson Joins Common Cause Georgia Board of Directors

As one could imagine, when I mention the focus of my legal practice a political discussion usually ensues. The conversation invariably ends with "how on earth do we change the political climate?" Eliminating Partisan Gerrymandering is always at the top of my list.

Partisan Gerrymandering - drawing legislative and congressional district lines to maximize and perpetuate the power of an incumbent political party - is a long-standing, contentious practice that has been a part of American politics since independence. The practice, and debate around the implementation of redistricting reform measures, has received renewed attention due in large part to the recent US Supreme Court case Gill v. Whitford.

Thankfully I have the opportunity to do something about the issue (aside from bore friends, family, acquaintances, and sometimes strangers who got more than they bargained for) as a new member of the Board at Common Cause Georgia.

Common Cause Georgia as a non-profit, non-partisan advocacy organization working to strengthen public participation in our democracy by holding public officials and institutions accountable. The organization here in Georgia is focused on three specific issues:

1) Redistricting reform (combating partisan gerrymandering),

2) Ensuring elections in Georgia are fair and accessible to every eligible citizen, and

3) addressing the role of money in politics.

I am very excited to be able to put elements of my legal practice to work on these key issues, and if you are interested in getting involved or want to hear more about what we’re doing, check out the group's facebook page, or visit

Andrew Thompson