Political Campaigns and Advocacy Organizations

Empowering Activists

Participate in Your Democracy

Identifying the need for change is easy. Identifying the best way to make a difference while complying with complex federal, state, and local laws, however, can be overwhelming.

Thompson Law PC believes that every activist or advocacy organization deserves to be heard, and empowers change makers with the tools to effectively influence the world around them. Whether you want to create an organization to mobilize fellow activists to lobby your state legislature, you want to run for office, or you want to influence voters in a critical election, Thompson Law PC has the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Advocacy Organizations

Thompson Law PC works with you to identify your goals and create an organization that suits your objectives. From there, Thompson Law PC can help you and your organization navigate Federal Elections Commission (FEC) rules and regulations, comply with local and state campaign finance laws, and comply with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules relating to political advocacy. 

In addition, Thompson Law PC can help you and your organization affect the change you seek by devising common sense, efficient, and cost effective strategies that pinpoint the correct regulatory body or decision maker with whom to work. From there, Thompson Law PC can help you craft persuasive arguments to help you achieve your desired result.

Candidates for Public Office

Some say that service to your community through elected office is a calling. Thompson Law PC helps you answer that call without fear.  Whether you are a first-time candidate running for a seat on your local school board, or you are a seasoned candidate running to represent your community in Washington, Thompson Law PC brings over a decade of political experience to bear on your behalf.

Thompson Law PC prides itself on its accessibility to candidates, a deep knowledge of campaign finance law, and an understanding of real-world campaign scenarios procured through work on behalf of statewide and municipal candidates. Thompson Law PC also works with candidates in several different capacities – from organizing the entity to screening communications for compliance with state and federal election law - with the understanding that running for office includes the hidden task of creating a business entity from scratch.

Want to Learn More?

For additional information on federal-level advocacy organizations, please complete the form below. Clicking submit will give you an link to our federal-level advocacy organization guide. While not exhaustive, the guide is designed to be a resource for you and your group as you discuss how what type of organization you want to create. Since federal campaign finance law is complex and changes frequently, do not rely exclusively on this guide. Be sure to contact an attorney before creating an advocacy organization.

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