Administrative Law

Navigating Government Regulations

What is Administrative Law?

Administrative Law, generally, refers to the laws created by federal, state, and local legislatures that govern how executive branch government agencies may act. Administrative Law also encompasses the rules these agencies create, and the enforcement mechanisms the agencies are permitted to use. Administrative Law is often the area where government action makes the largest impact on the lives of citizens, and can encompass everything from appeal of the denial of state and federal benefits, defense and prosecution of alleged violations of regulatory rules, challenging or defending proposed agency rules and actions, and participation in internal, governmental investigations.

How Thompson Law PC can help

Whether you want to change the way an executive branch agency enforces its rules, or you find yourself the subject of an executive agency enforcement action, Thompson Law PC can help you identify the correct decision makers and craft winning arguments. If you are a homeowner that finds yourself before a zoning board, contact me.  If you hold a license to practice a profession in the State of Georgia – such as a cosmetology license, a license to practice as a electrician or other building trade, contact me if you face issues with State regulators. If you feel like you have been unfairly denied a Government benefit, give me a call.

Criminal history record restrictions - Clear your record

This firm feels strongly about empowering others, as well as giving back to the community. One way we can achieve these two objectives is through offering criminal history record restriction (aka expungement) services at a rate that conforms specifically to your income. While not all offenses may be expunged, contact me to discuss how I can help.